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Dr. John B. Hudson: A Highly Recommended Family Doctor Serving  Winter Park, Casselberry, Maitland, and Beyond The family practice of Dr. John B. Hudson has been serving patients from Winter Park, Casselberry, Maitland, and the surrounding areas for decades. Through the years, our doctor's office has been met with exceptional reviews from all that have experienced the quality and comfort of our family practice.  Dr. Hudson and our highly trained physicians and physician's assistants care about your health and well being. Our family doctor's office has grown to include natural, whole body alternatives, as well as physical therapy and personal training sessions to further serve all of the health needs of residents in Winter Park, Casselberry, Maitland, and beyond.  Please review the testimonials below to learn more about the exceptional experience patients receive at our family practice: I was raised a small-town girl, with a family doctor who was never too busy to listen, never too hurried to be thorough, never too rushed to be thoughtful in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Amidst medical mayhem, I never thought I’d find another physician with those qualities, until a health store manager recommended Dr. John Hudson. That was in 1987, and Dr. Hudson has never wavered in providing me superb health care. I particularly appreciate his reassurance and compassion, and that he stays professionally up-to-date, and his blended-medicine approach: in addition to the pharmaceuticals, tests and therapies of allopathic medicine, Dr. Hudson advances prevention and a healthy lifestyle and, when appropriate, offers proven natural healing  options. His skilled staff is friendly, courteous and helpful and rounds out the family feel of Dr.Hudson’s peerless practice. Dee Rivers-Yowell, patient for 23 years My husband, Bob, and I have been patients of Dr. Hudson’s for almost 15 years now. We love seeing Dr. Hudson because he makes one feel comfortable immediately. He is caring and truly interested in his patients. I have talked to other patients in the waiting room who also feel the same way. Dr. Hudson truly cares about his patients. We feel fortunate to have found a physician, who is not part of a big medical machine, but more like the old time family doctor who made the effort to look at the whole person, really listen and create a teamwork attitude with the goal of optimal wellness. I like the fact that my husband and I can go to Dr. Hudson and get the best, most current medical care while being educated on complimentary tools and nutritional aids. I feel like we have avoided the time and energy, plus thousands of dollars on medical stays and treatments, for conditions that are preventable. He stays current on the newest treatments and modalities, while advocating self-help remedies, nutritional and alternative ideas. That is one of the things I believe Dr. Hudson truly excels at: preventative medicine. He strives to keep his patients as healthy as possible so we can enjoy an increased life expectancy and optimum quality of life. In my heart, I know that Dr. Hudson saved my husband’s life. Carla Hollingsworth - Orlando, Florida
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“I have been coming to Dr. Hudson’s office for 5 years. I have also recommended Dr. Hudson to family and friends. The staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Hudson stays up to date on current research and medical practices. He is by far the best doctor I have ever had.”   Mary P.
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